Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 Ah yes, inconsistency is the fabric of life. My landlady has rented out the second bedroom to an aquaintnance of mine and has decided not to move until at least Christmas. She still has the house on the market if someone wants to rent it. If that happens she will give me 30 days notice. On my end I made it clear that I am still looking for a place to move to but I have no set timeline. The new roomie is a lady I met through my Mom and this lady is DRAMA to the core. She found out I have food allergies and auto-immune dysfunction and declared that we are now best friends and have so much to talk about! Not so much. She is more of someone who I consider a person I can tolerate but don't want to be all buddy-buddy with. I get the feeling that she and Linda are going to get along just fine. Linda plans to be gone all summer again. Wants to know if this new roomie or myself will watch Davi for her. I dunno about that. If that were the case I'd ask for a reduction in my rent. We'll see. My man and I are looking to move in together and we've got some options on the table. He's pretty laid back about the whole thing. I am too. Most of the time :)

Today he asked me why we don't fight. I was totally off guard. It was such a random question. I told him that I didn't have an answer to that. Then because I'm a smartass I asked him if we were supposed to fight. I followed that with the fact that I like that we don't fight. He said he was watching something on TV and was just curious. I suppose the real answer is that we give each other space. I respect when he has a bad day and wants to be left alone and he does the same for me. I'm no expert in relationships but I'm guessing that respecting each other is key.

Yesterday's date in the kitchen produced some yummy homemade fig jam and corn muffins. The jam I created on my own. The muffins are adapted from Madhuram's Eggless Cooking. I stayed pretty true to the recipe. When this batch is gone (which won't take long) I'm going to play with this a little more. I think they came out a little dry. Only my opinion. So I'm not going to post my version just yet.

The fig "jam" was a cinch! I used a cup of snipped dried mission figs (can't find fresh this time of year), a small palmful of chopped dates (less than 1/4 c) and some water. Throw it in a saucepan and let it simmer til you get jam consistency. I used a potato masher to get the consistency I wanted. I didn't measure how much water or take pictures. Next time I think I'll use a spiced tea instead of water for more flavor. Looking forward to the next batch and I will post those results :)

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