Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend warrior?

Ah, St Patrick's Day. The one day of the year when my insane drinking was celebrated, even encouraged! Grateful that I don't have to drink to celebrate my lineage. Grateful I don't drink, period. Grateful to be me!

Made a big yet delicious ooops yesterday. My man took me to the county fair and I decreed it a "free" day which means I ate fair food. I had an elephant ear for the first time (totally better than funnel cake) that was lathered in liquid butter and caked with powdered sugar. Oh sooo good! I also had a chocolate peanut butter milkshake. Man, I was itchy! Today I had the consequences. Ugh. Hopefully I'll remember today the next time I want to have a "free" day. Unfortunately, pain has no memory. We'll see.

Haven't been playing in the kitchen the past couple days. I probably should play around some tonight. But I don't feel like it. Tomorrow is a marathon movie day but I just don't feel like cooking tonight so that I have food tomorrow. Special diets can seriously suck. Going out to eat is not easy with all the dietary restrictions. Ugh. I am looking forward to the movies. It's the final day of the Sarasota Jewish Film Festival. I love expanding on the history that I learned in high school and college.

Monday or Tuesday I'll be starting a new IV med. The doctor says that it's pretty toxic and she can't risk me having a reaction at home. Translation: I have to travel one hour each way to the doctor's office for the infusion five days a week. Ugh. Not looking forward to that but if it makes me feel better. . . My hair is still falling out. Today, someone noticed (for the first time). Not cool but what's a lady to do? Wear scarves? I did today because I had one that has shamrocks on it. That's right, representing my celtic heritage :) My man thinks my blood should be green since I have lyme disease. He know's that it's spelled with a "y" but he says that lyme is a color no matter how it's spelled. I told him that I'll work on that. In the meantime I would just wear green. I love his craziness because he keeps me laughing and that helps me get through. He teases me relentlessly, says that that's how I know he loves me. When I turn the tables on him it gets truly hilarious! Oh how I love that man.

Posted my first recipe! Almond butter. That stuff is totally addictive! Next up is posting pictures and then pinning those pics on Pinterest and maybe getting people to follow my blog instead of it being just me reading all of this!

Tomorrow I'll hopefully got to the local Buddhist Temple for services. Waiting on a phone call to find out where it is located.

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