Thursday, March 8, 2012

Busy Day

Some days I truly amaze myself. Over the past day, I blew my own mind! Who knew that I could be so crafty and creative plus spacey? Apparently my subconscious did and it put me to work :) I made some superb almond butter (pictures and recipe to follow eventually). Next time, I'm gonna try for chocolate almond butter.

Then, I made body wash. Again, pictures and recipe will appear here eventually :) Not having a camera with a removable memory card is a bit of a pain but worth it in the long run 'cause the pharmacy downloads the pics and gives me a CD of them for FREE for life! Thank you Mom. She's the reason I couldn't take pictures of my cooking adventure tonight. I let her borrow the camera so she could take pictures of herself, her man and their friend in their Purim costumes. The theme for the party this year is Purim in Paris and they are dressed up as the Three Musketeers. I helped with the finishing touches on the costumes. The guys borrowed my All Hallow's Eve wigs, one of them being black and purple striped. I can't wait to see the pictures! I thought about going dressed as a flapper but it didn't fit into my schedule. Oh darn. But onto my other adventures.

Made chocolate quinoa breakfast cereal this morning. No recipe because I just eye-balled it but I'm sure I'll get it written down eventually :) Oh! I made my first loaf of yeast-free bread yesterday PLUS made my own oat flour. Chewy, dense and oh so delicioso! Recipe needs to be played with. I truly believe in creativity in the kitchen. Following recipes to the letter can be so dull. Not everything can be improved upon but it is fun to try. I think my bread recipe is going to be a mix of some that I've found online.

The creativity continued: made pan-fried tofu tonight. Corn meal, cayene pepper, paprika, garlic and salt. Cooking spray in the cast iron and cook away! Throw on a little Veganaisse and that was some darn good eatin'! Sauteed veggies on the side. Oh boy, oh girl. No picture because my mom had the camera. Next time!

My next project is homemade almond milk. The recipes I found online are pretty straight forward. The challenge is that they all called for honey, agave nectar, maple syrup or vanilla extract. Would you believe that vanilla extract is made with corn syrup?! I've got lemon, almond, cherry and peppermint extract and none of them have corn syrup in them, just the vanilla. Then, all the recipes online for homemade vanilla extract call for vanilla beans and vodka or rum. I don't drink so I'm not buying liquor just to make vanilla extract. Guess I'll have to go the expensive route and use whole vanilla beans but since I don't already have them, this is going to be a totally plain version of almond milk. Trust me, I'll document the results, for better or for worse :) I've read that the almond "grit" that results from making almond milk can be dried and them further processed into almond flour. Interesting thought, don't ya think?

I'm also radioactive today which might account for all the creativity flowing through my veins. Just kidding! The creativity is probably a result of anxiety. I'm radioactive because I am having a nuclear scan done of my throid over the next 24 hours (well, the process started this morning and the last picture gets taken tomorrow morning). I won't stay radioactive for long. That's almost a bummer!

No walk today. Too much going on and in too much pain. I need a back-y-otomy because my whole spine hurts. Tomorrow is a new day.

Don't take life so darn seriously. Nobody gets out alive!

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